The case for sensitivity as a creative strength

By William Barron MBA, MPNLP Coaching practice partner at Resultancy®

I have long thought that sensitivity is the great huge strength and weakness that we all have and success wisdom is about using all that we have, rather than fight what we are. It creates glass ceilings and walls because people can see what they could do but are held back by not using their sensitivity as a strength. In fact a great number of sensitive people see it as a weakness and try to cover it up. As a result they are missing out on a source of incredible ability and energy.

I see so many people who are fighting what they are, because they have accepted what they have been told by well meaning teachers, parents and friends. This meant that they have not used what has been called a weakness, when actually it is their unique strength. In fact I spend a good portion of one of the workshop modules of the entrepreneur course getting the delegates to turn the other delegate’s perceived Weaknesses into Strengths. It is amazing what differences people come up with and how it changes people’s perceptions of themselves hearing it from someone else.

What I suggest is that rather than fighting our amazing sensitivity, discover how you can use your acuteness with smell, taste, hearing, seeing and hearing to your advantage.

If you look at the logic of the situation our bodies are natural transmitters and receivers of information – seen and unseen, heard and unheard, smelt and unsmelt, tasted and untasted, felt and unfelt. We cannot see radio waves, sound waves, magnetic waves and infra red waves but that does not mean that they are not there. Similarly human auras and intuition, which all vary from person to person but are more acute for sensitive people are there. It is just that not everyone can see them.

I suggest that you can see and hear and smell and taste things that most humans are unable to detect, at least you are aware of things that I am not. This is an incredible gift but it needs to be recognized and developed, rather than be suppressed. It maybe rather strange but most people find that their successes involve strengths which involve things that they have had most challenges with .. in your case emotions, sensitive skin, perspiration, etc.

Also bearing in mind that sensitive emotions can and will swing like a hair trigger when they are outside of their comfort zone, it is important to understand what are our own comfort zones are, where they are and what is happening rather than get upset or frustrated by them. If you know about it, you can then do something about it either by not entering into an area that is dangerous or difficult or being aware of the area when you go into it. Hope this helps as a start to understanding what you can do to help yourself be more relaxed.

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